Developing Resilience In Uncertain Times

Developing Resilience In Uncertain Times -
Image by Jon Tyson/Unsplash

The year 2020 started on a bad note and has been terrible so far. We have got sad news concerning Australian Bush Fire, ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Job losses and Economic recession.

This year has been particularly uncertain due to the Covid-19 pandemic. People have lost jobs, livelihoods, and everyone is locked inside their houses. People are left isolated, unable to socialize, and grappling with uncertainty.

This has taken a toll on people’s mental health. The uncertainty has made people ask the very fundamentals questions of life as to what we are running after and what purpose we are trying to serve in life?

People have become pretty vulnerable to loneliness and lack of support systems. A few days back I had written an article on the importance of mental health. I want to reiterate how fragile life is and how frivolous our plans are.

In the age of social media, everybody tries to project their perfect and impeccable image. We burden ourselves for social approvals and external pride. People merely show the positives and don’t feel comfortable talking about the problems.

Youths especially suffer from “what people think of me” syndromes. In reality, life is far from perfect. Almost everyone has to deal with issues like Health problems, Financial woes, Relationship issues, and Professional life challenges.

Every single day throws us new challenges. Nobody is immune to problems. We live in an environment that is becoming increasingly isolated. This is the result of living an uncertain life with no support system. People don’t want to be judged. People don’t share their insecurities and problems with others as they want to avoid the embarrassment and judgment from others.

It is imperative to be kind to everyone we meet as everyone is fighting a battle in life. Everybody is going through some struggle. We should never judge anyone and be kind with our words and behavior.

The current generation seems to be sensitive to criticism. Modern life is all about negativity from media, social injustice, job losses, financial instability, and relationship blues. Let me share some of the bitter truths of life:

  • Life is a struggle until death – Struggles and challenges are integral to life. The struggle will always be there as long as you are alive.
  • Nobody cares – Whether you are a success or failure in life, nobody cares.
  • Social media is not real life – Facebook and Instagram are edited, curated, and altered reality. Real-life is worrying about Finance, Health, and Family issues.
  • Security of life is a mirage – There is no security in life. Life is unpredictable and uncertain ever.
  • You are on your own – You have to deal with most of life’s situations without anyone’s assistance.
  • There’s no free lunch – You don’t get something for nothing.

Although the awareness about mental health is emerging slowly, people don’t share their mental problems that often. People must learn to cope up with their stress, anxiety, and seek professional help if need be.

Amidst the negativity and uncertainty, you can follow the below techniques to sail through the negativity of life and grow resilience:

  • Be thick-skinned – Don’t let other’s judgment or comment ever affect you. Know your worth and see yourself from your eyes, not the eyes of others.
  • Hold a positive view of your abilities – Trust yourself and have faith in your abilities. Remind yourself of your past achievements.
  • Never seek external validation – Look within to find peace and contentment, not outside.
  • Be kind to yourself – Don’t judge yourself too often and be kind to yourself as others may not be kind to you always.
  • Focus on what you can control – When faced with a crisis, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Try to focus only on the things that are in your control.
  • Never compare yourself with others – Validate your past self and see how far you have come in life.
  • Self-investment is the real investment – Who you become is more important than what you achieve in life.
  • Seek satisfaction from the work, not accolades – Internal peace and satisfaction matter more than the social standard of success.
  • Develop a positive outlook – Not all options ever deplete in life. There is always room for new possibilities.
  • Build a strong support system – Discussing things with someone you trust might help you better manage the challenges you’re dealing with.

Every person must have a system in place to deal with life challenges and keep negativity at bay. Some resort to religious practices, you can do that if it helps you. Being an atheist, I have found my ways to deal with all sorts of negativity. I do following to keep my sanity in check:

  • Staying in touch – Family and Friends are support systems, I keep in touch with them.
  • Meditation – I practice meditation to calm my nerves.
  • Spending time alone – I spend time alone to introspect, reflect, and recollect my thoughts.
  • Physical Exercise – You have to find ways to keep yourself physically active. I do Running/Swimming.
  • Writing – I write to share my ideas and experiences with others.
  • Long drive – It is important to break the monotony. I plan to go on a long drive every 2-3 months.

You must share what’s bothering you with whoever you feel comfortable with. Listen to your loved ones sharing their mental trauma with you, without judging them. You have no idea how lonely that person feels irrespective of who he/she is.

Be thankful. Life itself is a blessing !!




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  1. It’s true what you have written. We need to be expressive about our feelings, which we try to hide even from someone we care about, just because we don’t want to make them uncomfortable with our suffering. It is just one of ours insecurity about being judged that we don’t let it come out openly. World is not perfect, why are we trying to be perfect all the time. Conditioning of being perfect or trying to be liked by everyone is the main cause of suffering. Love yourself first and be practical.

  2. Beautiful illustration of the underlying hardship of a person’s life. Well Framed!!!

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