8 Reasons why Digital Marketing is Critical for Your Business

8 Reasons why Digital Marketing is Critical for Your Business - Technocrat Life - technocratlife.com
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The digital footprint is central to business growth and survival. Information can spread faster across the world on digital channels. The reach of digital marketing can transcend geographical boundaries. Digital Marketing has overtaken the traditional means of marketing in terms of growth and scale.

Simply put, Digital Marketing is the marketing and promotion of products and services using digital mediums. Digital Marketing is done via the various forms of electronic media like smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop powered by the Internet.

With over 600 million Internet users, India is the second-largest online market in the world. Despite the significant volume of the number of Internet users, the Internet penetration rate is under 50 % of the Indian population. With the growth in Digital Economy, the vast majority of people are yet to come online, making India one of the biggest markets for Digital Marketing in a few years.

Digital marketing is not a new phenomenon. With the advent of Google and other Internet Products, there has been a consistent increase in digital marketing over the last 10 years. Digital marketing has evolved drastically over time with the expansion of the Internet. Hundreds of startups are founded each year promoting their businesses over the Internet leveraging digital marketing strategies.

A large majority of organizations don’t have a clear digital marketing strategy. Many small and medium startups are not fully harnessing the benefits of digital marketing to promote their businesses. The reasonable use of PPC marketing, SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing is imperative to grow your brand value and business.

As an entrepreneur or startup founder, you must incorporate below digital marketing strategies to engage and reach potential customers:

Digital Marketing Strategies:

PPC Marketing

Pay per click marketing is an advertising model to purchase targeted advertising space on digital platforms. The advertisers pay to the platform owners when their ad is clicked. PPC marketing is a specialized form of digital marketing that can be used to tap new geographical markets or during time constraint requirements.


SEO stands for search engine optimization that helps in improving the search ranking of websites. SEO is important for greater visibility and searchability of your websites and online brands. Today, SEO has become an essential part of a digital marketing strategy. Organic SEO cost is relatively low compared to PPC marketing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to creating, publishing, distributing, and promoting valuable content to online audiences to drive conversions. Content marketing engages the target customer and convinces them to buy products or services. The customers are retained via constant content creation.

Social Media Marketing

The popularity of social media is not hidden from anyone. The immense growth of social media in the last decade has given a paradigm shift to digital marketing. Marketing of products and services on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter are prevalent and common practices among digital marketers.

Social media has become a viable marketing channel for B2B companies across the globe. You can find the pages of almost every big corporation on Facebook and Twitter. They leverage social media a lot to drive customers for their businesses.

Email Marketing

Email marketing involves sharing business newsletters and the company’s promotion by sending emails. The email is used as a medium to connect to potential customers. Email marketing is an effective medium to reach customers and grow the business. Many startups and entrepreneurs focus on growing email listing of their customers and send automated emails for promoting their products and services.

Video Marketing

Video marketing allows businesses to market new content in an engaging format. Video is an effective way to approach customers and promote business content. The video contents are consistently used by companies to promote their products or services.

The sheer capacity of digital marketing in terms of volume and potential to reach customers is unprecedented. There is a gamut of reasons why digital marketing is paramount to businesses.

Why Digital Marketing

1) Large customer base

As discussed above, the Internet is the biggest marketplace now. The aftermath of the current pandemic has increased the online activities manifold. Not to mention the large part of future businesses, transactions, and interactions are going to take place on digital mediums, thereby growing the scope of digital marketing practices.

2) Cost-Effective

With the surge of social media, digital marketing has become cost-effective and time-saving as compared to the traditional medium of marketing. You can run your online campaign in half the budget that you have allocated for the print media marketing.

3) More engaged customers

The digital channels have replaced traditional print and satellite media. The earth’s biggest organizations have come online to lure large customer base available online. The average customers spend more time on digital channels than other mediums.

4) Meeting Revenue Targets

Digital marketing is effective, straight-forward, and impactful. With the sheer volume of people consuming digital content, digital marketing can be aggressively used by organizations to meet the revenue targets.

5) The fast-medium of communication

The reach of digital medium transcends geographies and time. You can prepare your marketing content at midnight, and it can reach the target audience in no time. As a startup founder, you don’t have to wait until tomorrow morning to reach your customers. You are connected to your customers all the time.

6) Conversion rate

The whole point of doing business is to increase the conversion rate, turn opportunities into profit, and retain satisfied customers. The power of the digital medium is undisputed when it comes to conversion rate. The conversion from the digital medium is much higher than the traditional marketing mediums.

7) Target mobile customers

Today millions of people are using smartphones and tablets to browse the Internet. Around 90% of Internet users are using Mobile devices, and 10% of people use desktop or laptop for their online activities. Digital Marketing is an effective way to target mobile customers easily.

8) Customers beyond boundaries

Today’s business is not confined to one city or country. The startups nowadays scale up to multi-national corporations. With digital marketing, it’s pretty easy to break into new territories. The customers in different segments or business category can be harnessed beyond geographies with the use of digital marketing.

The importance of digital marketing can’t be overlooked in present times. Digital marketing helps you build and scale up your business and brand. Digital marketing has matured over the last decade and thousands of companies around the world are leveraging the power of the digital medium for marketing their products and services.

Digital marketing has become the bare minimum requirement for your business. As the purpose of any business is to reach their target audience in minimum time, several small and medium scale businesses are leveraging the digital channels to reach out to their potential customers.

Digital and Mobile channels are a vital source to acquire, engage, and retain customers in current times. No startups or businesses can survive without a well designed digital marketing strategy. Today, the use of digital marketing is not just limited to marketing and building brands, rather it’s being used to connect to the market, build an online reputation, and stay ahead of the competition !!




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