How to Beat Depression and Take Care Of Your Mental Health

How to Beat Depression and Take Care Of Your Mental Health -
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Stress and anxiety are part of modern-day living. Depression is a common mental disorder. As per WHO, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression globally. People often ignore mental health due to the stigma attached to it.

Depression is considered taboo in our society, even though it affects a large number of people each year. Ignoring depression may lead to an inability to carry daily life routines, family breakdown, or in the worst case, suicides.

Depression arises from feeling a lack of control in your life and with a sense of hopelessness. Every person sometimes in his life feels the despondency when life seems meaningless. At times, it is normal to feel that way. If negative feeling continues for days and months, it could be a sign of serious problems underneath.

The depression can be caused due to adverse life events like unemployment, bereavement, failing in business/academics/relationship, serious illness, disability. If one develops a sense of hopelessness and feel continuous dejection for a prolonged duration, then they need immediate attention with professional help.

Sometimes you don’t know the reason for your stress and still feel depressed for no apparent reason. In modern days, there are depressions which are mostly due to a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits.

I have listed such reasons which cause depression in youths that can be cured by changing their lifestyle and incorporating healthy habits:

Reasons for depression in modern society

Excess Consumption and Entertainment

You spend too much time on Netflix, YouTube, TV, News, Online Games, or reading celebrity news on the Internet the whole day.

This kind of consumption adds no value to your life. Your life doesn’t grow with these things. Such consumption is addictive. It only wastes your precious time, which you could utilize to develop your skills and fitness otherwise.

No physical activity

No physical activity or exercise is one of the biggest reasons for the Depression. Physical fitness leads to mental fitness. Even a 30-minute jogging or brisk walking can do wonders to your health and overall well-being, let alone extensive workout.

I have been running for the last 5 years now. There has been a profound impact on my health. Apart from several physical benefits, it adds to overall self-esteem and how you feel following the physical activity.

Eating junk food, sweets and carbohydrates

You mostly eat sweets, carbohydrates, and oily foods. Your meal has less intake of protein, fibers, sprouts, or salads. You binge on processed and preserved foods now and then. You are what you eat every day. Your choice of food determines the shape of your body.

Each careless eating adds up the unwanted weight to your body. Once you are out of shape, reducing weight is an uphill task. The whole nutrition & fitness industry is flourishing on your mindless binge eating.

Lack of goals

Living life without any measurable goals attract negativity. Doing nothing with each passing day is the major source of depression. Procrastination is the problem of the current generation. There is no intrinsic motivation to achieve anything in life.

Everyone seems to be motivated by money and status, but they fail to realize that these are the byproducts of your work and services you provide. You can’t reach great heights with only money as the motivating factor.

Too much drinking and smoking

You spend your weekends in bars and pubs. Your weekend party crosses your permitted level of drinking. You are exposed to either direct or passive smoking regularly.

Too much alcohol consumption has a detrimental effect on your body clock cycles and leads to unwanted stress and anxiety. You can beat your stress by drinking sensibly.

Living in a cluttered and unhygienic environment

You live in an untidy and unhygienic environment. You have no or less exposure to ventilation and sunlight. Your environment has a profound impact on how you feel. The dark and gloomy place has an immense impact on your mental health.

You must start your day by decluttering your living space, organizing your stuff and cleaning your place. This will give you a sense of control and positive feeling to face the rest of the day.

Lack of communication with friends and family

You have lost touch with your friends, former colleagues and extended families. It is ironic that in the days of hyper-connectivity where everyone is available with a single click on a smartphone, people are getting lonely and living life with no support system. The majority of the people have got nobody to talk to.

Life in cities are surrounded by four walls and has reduced to isolation. It doesn’t hurt to keep in touch with your friends or former colleague once in a while. It can change your perspective on life.

Living life without purpose

You have no purpose or active goals to pursue. You may have completed your education or got married and feel that life is just a routine now. Regardless of what stage of life you are in, you can always live a life with some purpose.

You can learn cooking or can try new dishes, you can learn to play new instruments like Guitar or Piano which you might have postponed after college days. Learning new things avoid anxiety and reduce the overall stress level.

No interest to improve skills or physique

You don’t bother about your lack of skills or out-of-shape body. You lack interest and motivation to improve your skills. You suffer from fear of the unknown but doesn’t work on your skills and fitness.

The lack of energy in the majority of the youth is because they have no motivation to improve their life. They don’t like to spend time learning new skills, improving their fitness.

Not only major goals but setting atomic goals like weekly or monthly goals are helpful. Trying to achieve these goals and tracking your progress every day gives you a sense of purpose and fills you with newfound energy.

Dwelling too much on past or future

Not living in the present is another reason for getting depressed. Mindful living is the mantra for a healthy life. You must accept the fact that you can neither change your past, nor you can control your future.

The way you lived your past has shaped your present. The way you live present will determine your future. Focusing on the present and living each day as it comes can reduce the unnecessary burden you have created for yourself.

Comparing yourself too much with others

The show-off and envy are deeply ingrained emotions in human psychology. Such emotions have been invoked to a large scale with the rise of social media. A billion-dollar digital advertisement industry runs on such negative emotions of people.

These companies accumulate people’s social behavioral patterns and use these data to sell their products. If you cut down the time you spend on social media, you can reduce half of the stress quickly.

No creative pursuits

You don’t have an interest in any creative pursuits like painting, writing, blogging, copywriting, or creating a second source of income. You only depend on your job and live with constant fear as to what will happen if I lose my job.

You don’t put any effort due to your cynical mind and believe that you will fail in your new venture without even trying.

Lack of sleep

You go to bed very late at night. You spend too much time on screens(tab, smartphones) before sleeping. You go to bed intoxicated on weekends. You don’t get sleep due to excess alcohol consumption and indulgence.

Lack of adequate sleep causes your depression and increases your stress level. It is scientifically proved that a healthy person requires a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night. Make your environment sleep ready by cutting on indulgence, screen time, noise, and with a clean bed & dim light, you can increase your REM sleep time.

Infodemic and Fake news

This is the era of infodemic, where a plethora of information is available at a single click. With so much media polarization, hyper-connectivity, and social media usage, you fail to distinguish between the correct source of information and fake news. It is increasingly difficult to verify the authenticity of information at your disposal.

Fake news and wrong information causes unnecessary anxiety among common masses. You have to be mindful of what information you see on your smartphones with social media forwards and need to verify the same with the valid source.

Modern-day living is all about comfort and luxury, where you can get everything instantly at your disposal without working hard for it. With a single tap on your smartphone, you can get services like order food online or get a cab driver.

If you compare yourself with your previous generations, you are living a luxurious life. You are pretty privileged compared to earlier humans ever been on this earth.

Much of life’s stress has to do with the mindset and habits. When you realize that you can change your life by incorporating positive lifestyle changes and healthy habits, you can start improving your life, and subsequently, your mental health will improve.

With discipline and patience, you can take care of your mental health and get rid of self-inflicted problems. Ultimately, you can gain back the sense of control in your life !!




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