Key to Entrepreneurial Success – The Authentic Way

Key to Entrepreneurial Success - The Authentic Way - Technocrat Life -
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Being authentic means being true to who you are, living in accordance with your values, and exhibiting behavior in line with your core belief. You can not become authentic acting like someone else. Being authentic means not being influenced by anyone’s judgment, external influences, or social expectations. Being authentic also means accepting your flaws and being honest about your shortcomings.

Authenticity has great implications in the workplace. Authentic employees have a greater sense of work satisfaction and association with the company. The organizations that encourage employees to express themselves freely are where innovation and employee engagement flourish. Authenticity at the workplace fosters trust and transparency. It helps employees to understand and trust each other. Authentic employees are more productive in a transparent environment.

Being authentic is the first step towards becoming a leader and influence people. You can’t lead people by being fake or mechanical. People can easily see through your behavior whether you are authentic self or acting like someone else. Authentic leaders don’t care much about external validation.

It may be tempting to copy other people’s persona who are more successful or influential than you. It’s easy to imitate someone’s behavior and try to act firmly. But that doesn’t work in reality, and your personality looks artificial. You can’t become powerful or influential acting spurious. The real changes are developed from inside by working on your mindset and growth, that manifests in your behavior externally.

Leadership is a behavior, not a designation. Your behavior is shaped by a variety of factors you experience in life. The real leaders are those who have had vast experiences of life, businesses, and real-life problems. These life experiences develop their personality. Any powerful or strong personality you meet must have overcome the formidable hurdles of life by their perseverance and tenacity. They did not give up in the face of adversity, and that experience has made them strong and resilient.

Another benefit of being authentic is it helps you attract a whole lot of opportunities in your life. You attract the great people in your life who are like-minded, hardworking, and honest. You can build great businesses on your authenticity and trust grounds. You earn the respect of your customers and investors. Your performance at work and personal satisfaction increases. You don’t have to spend energy unnecessarily to please others and maintain a fake persona.

It’s debatable whether being authentic helps in professional growth or hampers our relationship with others. The great thing about authenticity is when you stop caring about catering to everyone’s interest, you attract tons of authentic and independent people in your life who appreciate you for exhibiting the original traits. They share a similar perspective of performance, growth, and innovation and see the larger picture of life.

In the days of pop culture and media influences, it takes real courage to be yourself.

Why authenticity is crucial for entrepreneurial growth:

Increased Trust

Being authentic is crucial to connect with others in the workplace and personal lives. It increases transparency in communicating with others. People want to do business with those who share similar values. The authenticity can gain you the trust and respect for being truthful and dependable.

Immense self-esteem and self-growth

When you are authentic, you work on upgrading yourself and try to become the best version of yourself. You are focused on your personal development. Your self-esteem is the byproduct of your self-growth.

Improved decision making

With authenticity you rely on your own senses, thereby increasing your decision making capability. You trust your instincts and make decisions based on your judgment. You take accountability for your decisions regardless of the outcome.

Better Personal relationship

Being authentic attracts people’s loyalty and trust. A personal relationship can not be developed trying to become someone you are not. The pillars of personal relationships are based on authenticity and trust.

Brand value

Being genuine helps you create your own brand and build your followers. By exhibiting authentic behavior, you develop a unique leadership style that becomes your identity. People appreciate the original value-proposition your bring to their life.

Increased Well-being

Trying to live up to everyone’s expectations is ineffective in long terms, as it takes a lot of mental energy, increases anxiety, and impacts the overall productivity of a person. When you are authentic, you save yourself from these anomalies. Your overall well-being improves by shifting focus from meeting preposterous expectations to adding values in your pursuit.

The worst thing you can do in life is not carrying your authentic self. One of the facts of life is that you can not make everyone like you. Your values may not resonate with everyone. It’s more important to be authentic than impress others.

Being authentic is another form of self-respect. Being authentic is about growing yourself. You don’t lose your personality having influenced by pop culture, media, or celebrity. You create your life based on your goals. You start small and grow to the future version gradually that you have envisioned. When you achieve great things in life being authentic, your respect for yourself grows and your belief in your abilities gets stronger. You aspire to dream big and take bigger challenges of life heads on.

Authenticity and leadership are strongly associated with each other. You can’t become a leader by blindly imitating others. It’s easy to get swayed by the influential and powerful personality and start comparing yourself. However, nothing beats becoming your best version and earning respect in your own eyes. Being authentic makes you liberal and open-minded. You embrace new ideas and perspective that grows your personality and makes you a better person.

The first step to becoming authentic is to envision how would you like to see yourself in the future, and what is the best version of you looks like? Then start working every day to create that best version. Being authentic has several benefits like higher self-esteem, increased employee engagement, better productivity, strong bonding in personal lives, and overall well-being.

Every person is a unique gift to this world. The best way to become unique is to be yourself. This world is colorful owing to the diversity of people who have contributed to this world in their own unique way. We must act in line with our idiosyncrasies. We all are unique and nuts, be proud of that !!




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