How Can You Leverage Your Self-Doubt in Your Favor

How can you leverage your self-doubt in your favor -
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Belief in your abilities can get you through trying times. Confidence helps you aim higher and achieve ambitious goals in life. People with confidence in their abilities have achieved arguably the most arduous feats of mankind. It takes an insane amount of self-belief to move the mountains.

In contrast, self-doubt limits your opportunities in life. You miss out on various possibilities to move ahead with your career or businesses. Your future is considerably affected by negative thought patterns.

Doubt is the manifestation of fear and insecurity. The brain is wired to deceive you. Your internal voice in your head tricks you not to face challenges or pursue new opportunities. Taking decisions based on that little voice is not always productive. Sometimes, you need a leap of faith to go ahead with your decisions even with the cloud of doubt.

Self-doubt is a major reason why a majority of people don’t try new things. They suffer in their comfort zone but don’t dare to change their circumstances. In a recent survey, about 75% of people responded that self-doubt is their major hurdle. It ruins their career, business, and productivity at work. The negative voice in your head sabotages your self-confidence. The self-doubt ripples through several aspects of your life from career, finance to relationship.

It’s natural to be bogged down by insecurity and hold yourself back. We all are subject to our pressure and self-doubts. Nobody can be ever free from self-doubt entirely. But we can learn to overcome our fear and self-doubts with conscious efforts. You don’t need to believe every single word that your internal voice tells you. Acknowledge the fact that the internal voice is not you, but your negative thought pattern, that doesn’t let you take actions or create new possibilities in your life.

Understand that self-doubt is inevitable and it can not be controlled entirely. It’s natural to doubt our abilities on new assignments, projects, or starting a new venture. But we can learn to calm our minds with sustained efforts. We can remind ourselves of our past accomplishments to gain confidence in the current circumstances.

Nobody is afraid in childhood, your fear develops when you grow up. With negative life experiences, you complicate your thoughts with over-thinking. Self-doubt clutters your mind. You are unable to arrive at decisions due to a lack of clarity of thought. What we fail to realize that failure rarely takes place on things we fear initially.

Reflect on what would you do if you were not afraid. What you would have achieved had you not been deterred by the self-doubts. Believing in your abilities helps you easily navigate through the problems of life. Confidence helps you make the deal, get new clients, scale your business, and grow the corporate ladder. Your abilities are never static. Your ability grows every time with your sincere efforts and as you embrace bigger challenges.

The mind plays a trick which we fall prey to. For instance, you make a plan to go to the gym the next morning and decide to wake up at 5 am the next day. When your alarm rings at 5 am the next morning, your hand goes to snooze the alarm. This happens to almost everyone.

The hardest part is not running or working out, but waking up and walking up to the gym. Once you are past this biggest hurdle, running or working out is not tough anymore. There is saying about running: “even a bad run is better than no run at all”. The idea is to quickly get up and start walking towards the gym before your mind starts playing negative sound. Action supersedes the self-doubt.

In professional setup, there are times when you are oblivion to the requirement of the assigned task. Despite little understanding of the problem in hand, you are never supposed to say you can’t do it. You have to face the jobs head-on, accept the assignment as a challenge, understand the problem from the ground up, and provide a solution after numerous failed attempts.

It’s not easy finding yourself in the middle of uncharted territory with several unknowns. But, that’s what life is about, you can’t expect an easy ride. What aids you amidst all the ambiguity is your firm self-belief and confidence. It gives you the courage to face challenges, break down the requirements, and solve the problems one after another. That’s the way to grow in your career dealing with unknowns. Linear problems can’t catapult you to higher growth.

Self-doubt is not always detrimental. Your self-doubt sometimes may help you avoid making bad decisions. The key is being rational about your self-doubts. Breaking down the self-doubt in small parts will help you understand your thought patterns. You will learn that it’s not your abilities but a pattern of thought, is the reason for feeling stuck in life.

It can be harmful to overestimate our abilities and never doubt ourselves. For instance, you can’t change your job during recession times as jobs are low during the economic downturn. Taking calculated decisions are imperative for the success in your pursuit. Contemplating your choices and evaluating the results before taking actions can save you from catastrophic decisions.

You can take your self-doubt as a challenge to grow yourself. When you are surrounded by smart people, the feeling of insecurity is inevitable. It just tells you that you are never perfect. You are yet to learn so much, you need to bridge the skills gap. Leverage your self-doubt as a reminder to fill-in those gaps in your professional setup. That way, when the next wave of self-doubts pops up, you can take that as a challenge to grow yourself.

People who are more successful than you haven’t overcome their self-doubts entirely. They have just mastered the art of concealing their doubts. They have practiced being confident enough to the point that it has become intuitive for their confidence to show up naturally.

Confidence is never the absence of self-doubt, but the courage to act stronger despite the fear. Your achievements positively impact your self-image. With every success you encounter, your belief in your abilities grows stronger.

Deliberately trusting yourself more will subside your self-doubts. Instead of focusing on the negative consequences, try to focus on what it takes to complete the task. Evaluate critically your reasons for not being able to pull off the positive outcomes. That way, you will convert your self-doubts into actionable items to help you unlock your potential and move ahead in life !!




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