Your Perception Can Bend Reality

Your Perception Can Bend Reality -
Image by Sharon McCutcheon/Unsplash

Have you ever wondered how your flimsy judgments, insecurities, social pride, and constant need for external validation dictate your life. Your perception is the lens through which you view the world. Your perception shapes your opinion and creates your reality in life.

The realities of your life are precisely determined and influenced by only three things:

1) Your Language – The words you choose to speak and think.
2) Your Personality – How you act and carry yourself.
3) What you consume – Information/News/Data you feed to your mind, the kind of people you are surrounded by, the places you visit.

All these together create an experience of life for every person.

Words are powerful. The words you choose to speak to yourself and others create your reality. With every word, you program yourself and create a feeling. Be mindful of the words as it often leads to the corresponding outcomes.

Your personality is the manifestation of your thoughts and attitude. Your body language shapes who you are. Your weak personality and sloppy dressing speak volumes about your mindset. When you change your personality, you will also change your realities. A strong personality radiates the drive, purpose, energy and creates a magnetic field that rubs off on the people around them.

Your consumption pattern has a profound impact on the quality of the decisions you make. You are what you consume. People tend to consume what is readily available to them. For instance, you read commonly available articles on popular tabloids. You do not research what you need to read. You watch what has been promoted and marketed heavily on various channels. You don’t investigate enough on what you need to watch instead. In other words, you don’t curate your consumption materials, rather gulp what is thrown at you. What you consume shapes your perception every day.

Your perception gets built through your experiences of life(good or bad) and exposure to your environment. Your consumption choices like the people you mostly spend time with, the online content you consume, and the places you visit greatly influence your thought patterns. You observe this world through your own beliefs, values, and everything that you consume. In other words, your observation of reality is what creates your reality.

I have met a couple of narcissist in my professional life. The world outside for a narcissist looks different. They believe they are the smartest person in the room. They have a constant drive to feel special, exceptional, and unique.

Untrue as it may be, this little bit of superiority is a good thing. It makes us dream bigger and work harder. And, when narcissists do achieve some success, it reinforces their belief that they know better than others. Likewise, all successful people view the world differently than their unsuccessful counterparts. Your outlook and perception determine the disposition towards the goal and the amount of effort you are going to put.

Let me draw another analogy from the Software Development industry. If you believe that you are an excellent Programmer, you will strive hard to justify your belief. You will not easily give up when encountered with a complex technical problem. You will make sure to solve the problem to justify your self-image.

In contrast, if you don’t believe you are good at Coding, your effort will not be up to the mark. You will tend to give up easily the moment you encounter a trivial problem. You will not try to figure out the root cause of the problem. With each consecutive results, your perception and belief about your ability(positive or negative) keep getting stronger.

Smart people constantly create new realities with their great imagination and visualization. They articulate persuasive words and exhibit confidence that manifests well in their behavior. People can achieve great things with their strong convictions and positive perception.

Some of my entrepreneur friends have set up a start-up venture in the technology space. They had set unrealistic goals for the company at the outset. Founders had strong convictions in their vision and product. When they had started their venture, they had no investors to begin with. Strange as it may seem, they have defined the new reality with every milestone they have achieved. Fast forward to the present, they are going great guns with their businesses. They had envisioned the future and business outcome that nobody could predict. As it unfolds, you see this world as you have created it.

If you believe strongly about something, you will make an effort to do it. Belief changes everything. You will shift your actions in the real world. There is a thought behind every action. Mindset predates the action. Every great idea, plan, and product was perceived and conceived first, which come into existence later with persistent efforts.

You may test your ideas by experiment and observation. You can grow on those ideas that pass the test and decimate the ones that fail. You need to question your deeply ingrained belief. Question the obvious. Question everything including authority. By questioning, you will discover the truth yourself. The information can be manipulated in many ways. Sometimes, personal experiences build the belief which is hard to break, you have to experience the same multiple times to establish your belief, not once or twice.

Powerful thoughts can change the world if they are strong and consistent enough to change your actions towards the goals. They must be persistent enough for you to take action or you will forget them easily. There is a great connection between the inner and outer world and how you match your inner world to the outer world changes the world every time.

The Placebo effect is a pretty strange phenomenon. Merely the belief that a pill will benefit you can lead to those results, even without the actual pill. Such is the power of belief. Your perceived ability to succeed manifests in your life. You match your actions to your thoughts and conduct your life in a manner that is entirely congruent with your thoughts and perception. Being successful validates your sense of entitlement.

Your perception bends your reality. Your belief about your potential determines whether you will express your potential. Be aware of your biases and implicit stereotypes. You can redefine your perception with conscious effort and thereby a self-identity to break the glass ceiling that holds you back in life.

To cut a long story short, you can’t achieve what you can’t see. Your goal achievements are accelerated when you can visualize your results. Your perception attracts your life results, people, and other resources who share a similar perspective.

You have a choice to change and create a new reality for yourself every single day. With great perception and imagination, you can design your life and live true to your potential !!




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